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SFMOMA Photography Talk at San Francisco Public Library Tonight

Tonight, SFMOMA will present a talk at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. The presentation, Photography: Art or Craft?, “traces photography back to its origins and looks at its many roles in modern art.”

More details:

Photography: Art or Craft?
Wednesday, July 18, 6:00-8:00pm
San Francisco Main Library
100 Larkin St.
Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room B

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Carte Blanche Gallery Opening Thursday


San Francisco has a new photography gallery. My friend Gwen Lafage has opened Carte Blanche gallery at 973 Valencia St. in the Mission, selling prints and photobooks.

The official opening is Thursday, December 15 from 6 to 9pm. If you’re in San Francisco you should stop by to welcome her to the neighborhood.

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PiY2 Day 4

Sunday, the final day of the PiY exhibition in Nogent-sur-Marne, outside of Paris.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6635

Maxwell Anderson.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6638

Gérard from Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz. He made us lunch. He is such a generous and thoughtful person.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6636


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6639

Laurence Vecten.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6642


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6655

It was raining so the books were displayed inside.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6646

I went for a walk in the rain…


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6645


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6656

And met these nice women who were looking for the exhibition.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6659

Heading back to the hotel after the show wrapped up.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6669

It was crazy to see this elevated train track, like something out of a Kertész photograph.


Noah Beil 20110911 EPS6670

We went to Paris for dinner and some final drinks. Next morning, it was time for me to go back to San Francisco.

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PiY2 Day 3

These photos are from Saturday, when the PiY exhibition really started.

Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6582

Visitors start to arrive. The books were displayed in the garden behind Maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz in Nogent-sur-Marne.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6608

Adam and Robert from Preston is my Paris.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6609


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6610


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6614

Gérard from Maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz and Adam share a laugh.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6617


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6619


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6621

Set up for dinner in the garden. Gérard is an incredible cook and he spoiled us with delicious food the entire weekend.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6622


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6624

Gérard, Maxwell Anderson, and Anne Schwalbe.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6626

Maxwell thanks Laurence Vecten (and Gérard) for their hospitality and for bringing us together in such an amazing place…


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6627


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6628

And Anne presents Laurence with portraits we made earlier as a token of our appreciation.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6630

As the evening progresses, Hannah Darabi keeps a candle lit.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6631

Dinner by candle light in a French garden. It was something out of a film.


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6633


Noah Beil 20110910 EPS6632

Laughter and heartfelt conversation with new friends. It’s hard to think of a better way to end the day.

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PiY2 Day 2

On to my second day in France for the Publish it Yourself exhibition.

Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6526

Met up with Laurence Vecten at Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz (MABA) in Nogent-sur-Marne which is an art center that was hosting the PiY show.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6528

Setting up a table in the garden behind the art center for lunch.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6532

This is Gérard who is the director of the art center. He is an amazing cook.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6533

He made a salad for lunch.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6534

Anne Schwalbe, one of the photographers in the show.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6535

Caroline, manager at the art center.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6537

Caroline and Adam from Preston is my Paris.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6538

Maxwell Anderson, another photographer in the exhibition.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6541

Rémi Coignet (and in English), who is a photography journalist for Le Monde, and a friend.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6544

Gérard in the garden.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6548


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6547


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6550

A self publishing talk that evening with the folks from Boehm Kobayashi


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6549

Preston is my Paris


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6552

and Designer Frédéric Teschner, Laurence Vecten, and moderated by Rémi Coignet.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6556

Then it’s time to head into Paris…


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6557

Hanging out at the train station.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6558


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6559


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6563

We met up with Robert’s friend from college, I can’t remember his name at the moment.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6564


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6561


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6566

Then back to Nogent-sur-Marne for some night photography.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6567


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6572

Back at the hotel.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6570

Anne suggested that we make something to give to Laurence and Gérard to thank them for their hospitality. Robert busted out his Polaroid passport camera and we made some portraits.


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6571


Noah Beil 20110909 EPS6573


PiY2 Day 1

I just returned from Paris/Nogent-sur-Marne where I attended the second PiY self-published photobook exhibition. Here are some photos from the first day of my trip.

Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6476

I went to Le Bal to meet up with some folks I met at PiY last year. It’s a bookstore and cafe, and I guess they have a gallery in back but that part was closed.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6473

Laurence Vecten, the organizer of PiY.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6477

Adam Murray, one half of Preston is my Paris.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6479

I think this guy is the bookstore manager. He looks serious, I wouldn’t want him pointing at me.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6480

The awesome American-style snacks for the opening at Le Bal — saltines and marshmallows! That’s a common meal over at the Beil residence.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6494

Then a few of us went over to Aux Folies for a drink.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6487

Robert Parkinson, the other half of Preston is my Paris. He’s not always this pinkish.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6488

Thomas Boivin


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6491


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6492


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6493


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6485


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6497

Thomas invited us over to his place for some wine.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6502


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6503


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6506

So many gracious hosts in Paris.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6512

Waiting for the train back to Nogent-sur-Marne.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6513

The mean streets of Nogent.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6517

No matter how late it is, there’s always time for photography.


Noah Beil 20110908 EPS6518

Off to bed.